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    Leaked Release - January 29, 2019 Genre - Alternative Rock, Pop Rock Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Cautious Downloads Support! Facebook / iTunes / Physical
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    This album so far sounds like it's gonna be really good, but definitely on the weaker side for me. I don't know, it just doesn't touch the greatness of This is the Six or Brainwashed. Still loving this sound and supporting the band.
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    320 CBR already has leaked wont you change the links ?
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    This is outstanding! I REALLY liked Don't Cry but this... this is wonderful... This album is really shaping up to be fantastic! Thank you!
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    Release - January 25th, 2019 Genre - Alternative Rock Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR **originally released on vinyl on RSD black friday 2018, recently released to streaming** Tracklist: 01. Chase Me (2:36) 02. Fists To the Sky (3:11) 03. One Step Ahead (3:05) 04. Bite It You Scum (GG Allin cover) (3:38) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
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    The three singles off this album are easily the three worst songs they've ever put out. They're still kinda alright though so I'm not too mad I guess. The mix sucks as so many have said. Shame they've lost that heavy punk edge from TITS and Brainwashed that really put them on another level.
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    Ehhhhh it's a fun listen but nothing special
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    Leaked Release - January 25, 2019 Genre - Alternative, Folk Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Alpine Star 2. Fail Safe 3. Not in Our Stars 4. Call Me When I'm Breathing Again 5. Eventual Surrender 6. Rebecca 7. Venus in Aquarius 8. Virginia Is for Loners 9. Man in a Hurry 10. Our Lady of the Desert Downloads Support! Facebook / iTunes / Physical
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    Meh, not into that single that much Yet, I'm begging for a Selective Hearing 2.0
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