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    Leaked Release - January 11, 2019 Genre - Melodic Death Metal Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 02. I, the Mask (3:41) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes *New album I, the Mask out March 1st, 2019 via Nuclear Blast*
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    Leaked Release - January 11, 2019 Genre - Pop Rock Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. Would You Save Me Now (feat. Aaron Marsh) (4:13) 02. Grey's Gift (feat. Brennan Taulbee) (3:47) 03. Lesson Learned in Seconds (feat. Donovan Melero) (4:12) 04. Take the Next Step (feat. Casey Crescenzo) (4:42) 05. Drifting Towards the Sun (feat. Kerry Courtney) (5:09) 06. Show You the Stars (feat. Keith Goodwin) (4:26) 07. Hang 'Em High (feat. Nate Barcalow) (3:50) 08. Take Me Up (feat. Michael McGough) (4:59) 09. Drinking and Cleaning (feat. Nathan Hussey) (4:29) 10. Flat Line (feat. Tanner Merritt) (5:52) 11. Same Old Song (feat. Tilian) (4:36) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
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    Project Monarch controlling another hapless victim. We have butterflies and the sunflower. They're laughing in our faces! Post Malone, Swae, Lil Pump, and now Gnash are but pawns in their fiendish game. Bless our KL home, Lord Jesus 777
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    These guys are my favorite artists at the moment, they never fail to impress.
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    Yeah I agree with this. I like the song, but it does feel like they could’ve done more with a song of this length. The main riff imo feels a bit generic which they usually manage to avoid. It’s good but doesn’t quite wow me like most of their songs... but regardless I’m still pumped for this album.
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    There's literally a full blown video of Drake groping and making out with an underage girl at one of his concerts... on stage. It's literally on video.
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    @mcyates35 who cares then don’t listen to his music. People should start separating art from the artists. @Gandalfstorm agreed! @Rastaroni123 they are relevant. See? You’re here talking about them.
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    Hope Yall enjoy it I've been jamming all week to it
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