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    This chick is like the ''Metallica'' of pop music to me. It's just so boring that makes me wanna sleep
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    Leaked Release - January 11, 2019 Genre - Pop Rock Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. Would You Save Me Now (feat. Aaron Marsh) (4:13) 02. Grey's Gift (feat. Brennan Taulbee) (3:47) 03. Lesson Learned in Seconds (feat. Donovan Melero) (4:12) 04. Take the Next Step (feat. Casey Crescenzo) (4:42) 05. Drifting Towards the Sun (feat. Kerry Courtney) (5:09) 06. Show You the Stars (feat. Keith Goodwin) (4:26) 07. Hang 'Em High (feat. Nate Barcalow) (3:50) 08. Take Me Up (feat. Michael McGough) (4:59) 09. Drinking and Cleaning (feat. Nathan Hussey) (4:29) 10. Flat Line (feat. Tanner Merritt) (5:52) 11. Same Old Song (feat. Tilian) (4:36) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
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    These guys are my favorite artists at the moment, they never fail to impress.
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    I actually loved The Violent Sound but I'm glad this is more of a return to a Know Your Exits sound
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    Had no clue this was coming out, nice.
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    There's literally a full blown video of Drake groping and making out with an underage girl at one of his concerts... on stage. It's literally on video.
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    Hope Yall enjoy it I've been jamming all week to it
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    I can agree with you on some of the replies, but the post says "YOUR god-tier albums", not what society deems god-tier. Get over yourself lol
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