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    We put together a poll of all of our monthly winners, along with the top picks from everyone's AOTY lists. You have until 10am EST on January 15th to vote, at that time, the poll will close and we will have our winner! The thread will be open for discussion once the poll results are in. You only get one vote and you MAY NOT change it, so please pick carefully. May the best album win! HERE ARE THE NOMINEES (In no order): The Plot In You - Dispose Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection Of Mice & Men - Defy Beartooth - Disease State Champs - Living Proof Don Broco - Technology blessthefall - Hard Feelings Ice Nine Kills - The Silver Scream Parkway Drive - Reverence Casey - Where I Go When I Am Sleeping Underoath - Erase Me Trash Boat - Crown Shyness The Story So Far - Proper Dose Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want Erra - Neon Silent Planet - When the End Began Fit For a King - Dark Skies Greyhaven - Empty Black Chelsea Grin - Eternal Nightmare twentyonpilots - Trench Breaking Benjamin - Ember Between the Buried and Me - Automata Architects - Holy Hell Slaves - Beautiful Death
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    Release - January 4th, 2019 Genre - Progressive Metal / Post-Hardcore Quality - MP3 320 kbps CBR; V0 VBR; FLAC Tracklist 1. Foreword (01:30) 2. Mystery (feat. Dmitry Demyanenko) (03:29) 3. Knuckles (feat. Slicky D) (03:44) 4. Anaraak (feat. Ronnie Canizaro) (03:47) 5. E.M.O.J.I.Q.U.E.E.N. (feat. Jared Dines & TWild) (04:14) 6. Vivacious (03:42) 7. Reminiscent (feat. Natly) (04:36) 8. Delight (03:33) 9. Neglect (feat. Aaron Marshall) (04:20) 10. Spotlight (feat. Sergey Golovin) (03:16) 11. Locals (feat. Kvik) (03:46) 12. Maverick (feat. Aaron Matts) (04:05) 13. Relationshits (03:06) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
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    This chick is like the ''Metallica'' of pop music to me. It's just so boring that makes me wanna sleep
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    Leaked Release - January 11, 2019 Genre - Pop Rock Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. Would You Save Me Now (feat. Aaron Marsh) (4:13) 02. Grey's Gift (feat. Brennan Taulbee) (3:47) 03. Lesson Learned in Seconds (feat. Donovan Melero) (4:12) 04. Take the Next Step (feat. Casey Crescenzo) (4:42) 05. Drifting Towards the Sun (feat. Kerry Courtney) (5:09) 06. Show You the Stars (feat. Keith Goodwin) (4:26) 07. Hang 'Em High (feat. Nate Barcalow) (3:50) 08. Take Me Up (feat. Michael McGough) (4:59) 09. Drinking and Cleaning (feat. Nathan Hussey) (4:29) 10. Flat Line (feat. Tanner Merritt) (5:52) 11. Same Old Song (feat. Tilian) (4:36) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
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    These guys are my favorite artists at the moment, they never fail to impress.
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    I actually loved The Violent Sound but I'm glad this is more of a return to a Know Your Exits sound
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    Had no clue this was coming out, nice.
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    Most of you horrible tastes in music.
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    Hope Yall enjoy it I've been jamming all week to it
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    I can agree with you on some of the replies, but the post says "YOUR god-tier albums", not what society deems god-tier. Get over yourself lol
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