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    A New Year, A New KL A Kingdom Leaks 2020 Site Update As we leave behind 2019 and look forward to a new decade filled with new opportunities and new tunes, we consider where we came from and where we're headed. In 2013 we took the internet by storm, launching a music leak and hype community, a unique haven for those who are passionate about music. Kingdom Leaks is indisputably marked by its members. We are music's biggest fans. We attend concerts, we anxiously await new records, collect vinyls and CDs. As we move into our 7th year of existence, we want to thank each and every user that has contributed to this site. We would be just another music blog without you. You have made this community truly worth something, something very special. 2020 brings some game-changing new features, new needs from Staff, and of course, a new album of the year, selected by you. PassTheLeaks Album Streaming We start with a feature developed entirely in-house in coordination with the PassTheLeaks team. Enjoyed downloading albums from PassTheLeaks? Now you can stream them, straight from your browser, on desktop or mobile. No extraction necessary. New Forum: Currently Leaked We've added a new forum called Currently Leaked that, at any given point in time, will house all the currently leaked releases on the site. Once an album has officially released, it will be moved to its respective genre forum. These albums will still appear in the homepage feed as usual. You can visit this forum quickly via Browse > Currently Leaked. We're Hiring! Trusted and Provider Roles With a new year comes new responsibilities and a call for more helpers to keep the site running. If you feel you have the time and love KL, please consider applying for Staff, or the lower commitment Trusted position. We could use your help! 2019 Album of The Year Voting Begins! It's time to choose the 2019 Album of The Year! Voting will work similar to previous years, with an additional poll at the end with the top three to five releases from the large poll to determine the winner. Read on the specifics of the voting and vote HERE. Kingdom Leaks Administrators Give us a shout in the comments! Let us know what you think of the changes!
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    Release - March 22, 2019 Genre - Soundtrack Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. Sekiro, The One-Armed Wolf (01:14) 02. Rebellion (03:04) 03. Emma The Physician (03:27) 04. Ashina Reservoir (03:29) 05. Divine Heir Of The Dragon's Herit (01:51) 06. Knife's Edge (00:59) 07. A Shinobi's War (01:34) 08. Ashina's Crisis (04:25) 09. Genichiro Ashina (03:18) 10. Sculptor Of The Dilapidated Templ (02:18) 11. Ashina Outskirts (02:29) 12. Strength And Discipline (02:42) 13. Serpent Valley (01:41) 14. Great Serpent (01:59) 15. Gyoubu Oniwa (03:01) 16. Hirata Estate, Dragonspring River (02:15) 17. Approaching Forces (01:27) 18. Up In Flames (02:12) 19. The Phantom Lady Butterfly (03:22) 20. Ashina Castle (02:36) 21. The Ashina Clan (02:06) 22. Sunken Valley (02:04) 23. Snake Eyes (01:35) 24. Guardian Ape (01:54) 25. Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo (02:11) 26. Seekers (01:28) 27. Altered Form (01:55) 28. Folding Screen Monkeys (04:12) 29. Children Of Rejuvenation (01:45) 30. Mibu Village (01:54) 31. Thirsting Horde (01:37) 32. Apparitions (02:44) 33. Corrupted Monk (03:00) 34. Incursion (02:05) 35. Lone Shadow (01:43) 36. Gentle Blade (01:56) 37. Isshin Ashina (02:32) 38. Great Shinobi (03:08) 39. Fountainhead Palace (03:04) 40. Okami Lineage (01:16) 41. Great Colored Carp (02:50) 42. Old Dragons Of The Tree (01:25) 43. Divine Dragon (04:52) 44. Overrun (01:54) 45. The Red Guard (01:56) 46. Demon Of Hatred (03:15) 47. Conspiracy (01:41) 48. The Owl (04:09) 49. Sword Saint (02:52) 50. End Of A Vicious Struggle (06:36) Download Support! Twitter / iTunes / Spotify
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    Release - December 27, 2019 Genre - Post-Hardcore, Swancore, Experimental Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR *@antiquation's band, show them some love!* Tracklist: 01. Louisiana Purchase (4:50) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes / Bandcamp
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    @mR12 I’ve noticed more artist are using Instagram a lot more than Facebook, it would be great if instead of using Facebook to direct us to an artists profile, we use Instagram instead. Facebook is pretty dead at this point. Also you have to have a profile to even view anything on the site.
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    Leaked Release - December 30th, 2019 Genre - Acoustic, Rock Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. Give Me a Reason (Acoustic) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
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    Release - December 23, 2019 Genre - Post-Hardcore Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. Stripped Away (3:29) Download **New album titled "The Shape of Life" coming soon** Support! Facebook / iTunes
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    Release - December 27, 2019 Genre - Nu-Metalcore, Deathcore, Hardcore Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR FFO: Thy Art Is Murder, Fit For A King, Emmure, Chelsea Grin, The Acacia Strain Tracklist: 01. Grievous (3:09) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes *DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS!*
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    Used to be my favorite band. I dont think the new tunes are awful, its just not the band I fell in love with. Imagine if this song wasnt acoustic? If it had those oldschool heavy guitars i think it might be there best work since scott. At first I was excited when they hired jeff cause of how much he sounds like scott. But now having an album under the belt and seeing them live with scott and without I cant help but feel this guy is just an inferior scott rip off. I think thats why it worked so much better with chester because he did his own unique take propelling them into new territory. Eve the way jeff moves on stage just irked the shit out of me cause its like he studied scotts every move and imitates it. Its funny cause the new AIC albums without layne are my favorite work the band have done. I think that works way better for 2 reasons. The first being jerry basically is aic and people dont realize how much he sang. So even without a new singer added it still sounded like aic. The second reason is they went with someone who brought there own flavor to the table. It just really stinks thinking about the music we could of had if scot,chester,chris,layne were still here.
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    It’s alright. Sounds more like something I’d expect from our last night
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    My choices are: •A Day to Remember - WSMFY (2010)/Common Courtesy (2013) •Memphis May Fire - The Hollow (2011)/Challenger (2012) •Whitechapel - The Valley (2019) •Northlane - Alien (2019) •Cattle Decapitation - Monolith of Inhumanity (2012) •Architects - All Our God's Have Abandoned Us (2016)/Holy Hell (2018)/LF//LT (2014) •As I Lay Dying - The Powerless Rise (2010) •Underoath - Erase Me (2018) •Bring Me The Horizon - There is a hell... (2010)/Sempiternal (2013) •Of Mice & Men - The Flood (2012) •August Burns Red - Rescue & Restore (2013) •Beartooth - Disgusting (2014) •The Devil Wears Prada - Transit Blues (2016)/Zombie EP (2010) •Dayseeker - Sleeptalk (2019) •Fever 333 - Strength In Numb333rs (2019) •The Plot in You - HISD (2015)/DISPOSE (2018) •Parkway Drive - Reverence (2018) •Currents - The Place I Feel Safest (2017) My favorite release of the decade is either Common Courtesy or Disgusting Also the releases are from 10s and 9s that I've given out throughout the decade EDIT: Post-hardcore, Metalcore, Deathcore, Grindcore, etc (Basically anything with -Core in the title)
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