Droid - Terrestrial Mutations (2017)

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Release - July 12, 2017

Genre - Thrash Metal, Speed Metal, Progressive, Psychedelic

Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR

*Thanks for sharing, @A Bale of Turtles*


1. Amorphous Forms (Shapeless Shadows) (04:58)
2. Suspended Animation (03:26)
3. Abandoned Celestial State (07:30)
4. Terrestrial Mutation (09:57)
5. Pain Of Reincarnation (06:37)
6. Temptations Of Terminal Progress (08:01)
7. Cosmic Debt (04:11)
8. Excommunicated (06:45)
9. Mission Drift (10:43)


Total length: 01:02:08





Facebook / Bandcamp

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Yep, really good. No idea about these genres though (I just copied them from their bandcamp) because I usually don't like those yet I like this a lot.

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