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Crossfaith - Freedom [EP] (2017)

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Release - August 4, 2017

Genre - Metalcore, Electronicore

Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR

:ph34r: @HelloDarkness



1. FREEDOM (feat. Rou Reynolds)
2. Rockstar Steady (feat. Jesse)
3. Diavolos





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Other Releases by

Way fucking better than Legends but also if someone has Wage War please just leak it just because you have it and the rest of us don't doesn't make you god and if you don't have it then don't say you do plain and simple 

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Sickest tunes from them in a long while. There's just such a good punch in all of them, and the songwriting overall is great and unpredictable. Electronicore done right.

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let me in.



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These guys rule ! They're not underrated (because I've NEVER read a bad comment about them), but the band deserves WAAAAY more recognition, I hope I can see them live again someday, they're so crazy !

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This band does electronic metalcore the perfect way. I love all their albums. Plus its cool how they are putting out eps like this. New age warriors was sick! Zion was too. Now this one kicks ass too, but the only flaw is the guy rapping on the first song. In my opnion. Other than that it fucking slams!

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Rou's rapping on the first track is great, perfect build up to that sick ass drop. Actually forgot about these guys, thanks KL

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