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Woe Is Patrick

Dawn of Ashes - Daemonolatry Gnosis (2017)

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Release: June 9, 2017
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
Bit Rate: MP3 | 320 kbps CBR


1. The Initiation (01:38)
2. Gods of the Antinomian Path (04:10)
3. Smash Thy Enemies (04:07)
4. Guardians (06:08)
5. Core of the Black Sun (06:37)
6. The Ritual (02:27)
7. Augoeides (05:27)
8. Sermon from the Horned God (05:38)
9. I Am Nephilim (04:56)
10. Rulership of the Inner World (05:24)
11. Magick for the New Aeon (feat. Lindsay Schoolcraft) (05:53)
12. Freezing Moon (06:24)


Total length: 58:49




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Loved the record. More symphonic than industrial like they used to be. It's like Abigail Williams, which is good.

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