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Bare Bones - Bad Habits (2017)

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Release - 5/19/2017

Genre - Punk/Hardcore Punk

Quality - MP3 320kbps

*Thank you @BRDSX*



1. Thick as Thieves (3:28)

2. Ravensburg (2:37)

3. Deathbed Visions (3:30)

4. Midnight Climax (3:03)

5. Skeleton Key (3:10)

6. Strange Brew (3:28)

7. White Knuckles Black Tar (2:47)

8. The Forgotten Fear and Fury (2:49)

9. Diamond Cutter (3:20)

10. Heavy Burner (3:20)

11. Dead Man Walking (2:53)

12. Copper in the Cast (3:30)





Bandcamp / iTunes

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This is ETIDs' and A Static Lullabys' child

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