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Parachute - Wide Awake (iTunes) (2016)

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Release - March 11, 2016

Genre - Pop Rock, Alternative Rock

Quality - M4A / MP3, 256 / 320 kbps CBR



1. Without You

2. What Side of Love

3. Jennie

4. Everything

5. Lonely With Me

6. Love Me Anyway

7. New Orleans

8. When You Move

9. Getaway

10. Crave

11. What Breaks My Heart

12. Waking Up











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so pumped for this been a fan since their debut 

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Guest skoopy

Haven't listened yet but hopeful that its more in the vein of the first two albums.

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Guest Crash Attack

did anyone get a quality upgrade of this? i was possibly going to purchase it......cuz i love these guys. just curious. 

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