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Lord Kingdom

Diamonds to Dust - Aging of the Weary (Preview) (2017)

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Length - 11:32

Release - March 17, 2017

Genre - Post-Hardcore, Metalcore



1. Firefighter
2. Insult to Injury
3. Notice on the Door
4. The Last Action Hero Never Died
5. Test and Comfort (The Voice of Christ, Pt. 3)
6. Spoken Word
7. Saturate
8. Bellum
9. Phoenix
10. Worship
11. Proverbs







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Doesn't sound too bad only thing i didn't like was the horrible breakdown, I wouldn't even consider that a breakdown. More like an attempt at one and it came out as bad a silverstein's one breakdown on their one album. Other than that it sound's pretty good. I'm also not crazy about his screams either, but the cleans are very good.

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