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Tonight Alive - Limitless (2016)

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Release - March 4, 2016



Genre - Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, Female Vocals



Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR









1. To Be Free



2. Oxygen



3. Human Interaction



4. Drive



5. How Does It Feel?



6. Waves



7. Everywhere



8. Power of One



9. I Defy



10. We Are



11. The Greatest
















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Wasn't a big fan of all there new singles but the more i listen to them and now the entire album its really growing on me. Not as good as The Other Side but its still good and really catchy and fun.

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positively surprised. there are actually some pretty good songs on this.

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i just don't understand why they always get lines like "your love comes in waves" in one of their songs.

like they want people to make fun of an otherwise really good song.

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This band always impresses me with enjoyable music :) more work friendly music to add to my playlist!

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Definitely need to check this out. They are awesome live.



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Tonight alive has gone soft.. i know this would happen. Similar to Paramore. Majority pop punk/ rock female vocalist will soon die out and become soft..

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@RockinXander new link 

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