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Palisades - Palisades (2017)

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Release - January 20, 2017
Genre - Post-Hardcore, Electronic
Quality - MP3, 320 Kbps | FLAC


1. Aggression

2. Cold Heart (Warm Blood)

3. Better Chemicals

4. Fall

5. Let Down

6. Dark

7. Through Hell

8. Memories

9. Hard Feelings

10. Dancing With Demons

11. Personal


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Quality updated to 320 + FLAC added!

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Am I the only one who thoroughly enjoyed Mind Games? That album was on repeat on a consistent basis for almost all of 2015 for me. Idk I thought there were some real bangers on it

It wasn't perfect by any means except for the production quality (the first album was horribly mixed), but Mind Games definitely had a few gems on it. I think this album is a step up from that. The flow is a lot better from track to track.

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I liked Mind Games. I felt it was a little too overpowered with the mix, but it had some great songs. I did not like Fall or Aggression, so I am hoping this album isn't awful. 

I think this album is a good mix of all of their styles. There's something for everyone on it. And to answer your ISS question, sort of, but they're two completely different bands, so hard to really compare stylistically. But in terms of progression from one album to the next then yeah you could say that.

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