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Blood From The Soul - DSM-5 (2020)

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Release - November 13, 2020
Genre - Thrash Metal, Groove Metal, Metalcore, Bannoncore
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR / FLAC



01. Fang Tooth Claw (4:43)
02. Ascend the Spine (5:16)
03. Calcified Youth (4:34)
04. Debris of Dreams (3:42)
05. Dismantle the Titan (3:18)
06. Encephalon Escape (3:57)
07. Subtle Fragment (5:18)
08. Terminal Truth (4:12)
09. Sharpened Heart (3:39)
10. Self Deletion (2:49)
11. Lurch of Loss (4:20)
12. DSM-5 (5:51)





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took me a little bit to realize that "Bannoncore" is in reference to Jacob, not Steve - at least, I hope so

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Thanks a lot for this up !

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Took a chance on this based on the name of the album and the art, and definitely not disappointed. Good stuff.

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