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Old Gray - slow burn (2016)

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Release - December 9, 2016

Genre - Post Hardcore, Emo, Punk

Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. pulpit (1:16)

02. communion (1:04)

03. blunt trauma (0:52)

04. everything is in your hands (2:21)

05. razor blade (0:29)

06. i (1:14)

07. like blood from a stone (4:25)

08. ii (1:25)

09. given up to you (0:20)

10. a letter for zach (2:04)

11. on earth, as it is in heaven (4:52)







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How to make an 11 track album without beating even 25 minutes? Easy, just add like 5 interludes :D the album is pretty good though :)

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