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Dayseeker - Origin (Deluxe Edition) (2016)

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Release Date - 4/22/16

Genre - Post Hardcore
Quality - MP3 320 kbps CBR (FLAC rip)



1. The Nail in Our Coffin (3:39)
2. A Cancer Uncontained (4:10)
3. Dead to the World : Alive in My Eyes (3:28)
4. The Earth Will Turn (4:42)
5. The Darkness Won't Divide (1:19)
6. Origin (4:30)
7. The Burning of Bridges (4:05)
8. Spotless Mind (4:24)
9. The World Was Quiet (4:48)
10. Lucid Dreamer (2:44)
11. A God Without a Face (4:18)
12. Never See the Sun Rise (5:10)
13. A Cancer Uncontained (Reimagined) (5:07)
14. Spotless Mind (Reimagined) (4:34)
15. The Burning of Bridges (Reimagined) (4:11)
16. The World Was Quiet (Reimagined) (5:28)
17. The Earth Will Turn (Reimagined) (4:58)
18. Hello (4:53)
19. Jealous (3:45)

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this is transcode 

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