Disturbed - Disturbed: Live at Red Rocks (2016)

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Release - November 18th, 2016
Genre - Alternative Metal
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. Introduction (Live at Red Rocks) (1:22)
02. Ten Thousand Fists (Live at Red Rocks) (3:28)
03. The Game (Live at Red Rocks) (3:53)
04. The Vengeful One (Live at Red Rocks) (5:02)
05. Prayer (Live at Red Rocks) (3:45)
06. Liberate (Live at Red Rocks) (3:33)
07. The Animal (Live at Red Rocks) (4:21)
08. Stupify (Live at Red Rocks) (5:27)
09. The Sound of Silence (Live at Red Rocks) (4:19)
10. Lost Soul (Live at Red Rocks) (0:56)
11. Inside the Fire (Live at Red Rocks) (3:54)
12. The Light (Live at Red Rocks) (5:18)
13. Stricken (Live at Red Rocks) (4:15)
14. Indestructible (Live at Red Rocks) (4:41)
15. Voices (Live at Red Rocks) (3:16)
16. Down with the Sickness (Live at Red Rocks) (7:12)





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Thank you so much!



"This pain is a sickness, looming over me and I can't escape it

Casting shadows that continue to shape who I am on any given day"


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