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Us From Outside - Inspired By The Threat Of Failure (2010)

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Release - April 26, 2010
Genre - Post Hardcore
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR / FLAC



01. Who Saves The Savior_ (3:33)
02. Where's My Chippy_ There's My Chippy! (3:31)
03. No Ash, No Phoenix (3:19)
04. I'm Not Locked In Here With You, You're Trapped In Here With Me (3:24)
05. I Will Smash Your Face In =) (3:34)
06. I Thought You'd Be Dead By Now (3:33)
07. The Honesty In Shadows And Reflections (3:43)
08. I Am The Divine (3:15)
09. I'm Not Opposed To Getting Hit By A Car (2:56)
10. Smile Princess, You're Perfect (4:20)





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a lot of nostalgia in this album for me

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i believe they put out two albums before they disbanded, both are great in my opinion. i also believe some of the members joined the group Chasing Safety, who also put out two great albums before going MIA, definitely check out Chasing Safety's Season of the Dead album the whole album slays and I still play the closing track to this very day (garrett rapp does guest vocals in it btw)

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