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Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties - My Favourite Chords (The Weakerthans Cover) (2016)

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Release: 11.14.16

Genre: Pop Punk | Alternative | Indie Rock | Folk Rock

Quality: MP3, 320 kbps



1. My Favourite Chords (The Weakerthans Cover)







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I mainly post Pop Punk, Metalcore, Post-Hardcore & Alternative music.



Formerly known as We Came As Americanz.


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Thanks for this. His whole catalog is actually Pay What You Want right now, with all proceeds going to ACLU.


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One of my favorite songs by my one of my favorite bands. The lyrics to this song are incredible. I urge everyone to listen to it them carefully and really absorb it. Then go get all four Weakerthans albums. There's not a single bad song among them. 


"You are a radio. You are an open door. I am a faulty string of blue Christmas lights.

You swim through frequencies. You let that stranger in, as I'm blinking off and on and off again.
We've got a lot of time. Or maybe we don't, but I'd like to think so, so let me pretend."

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