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Highly Suspect - The Boy Who Died Wolf (2016)

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I used to love these guys last year. Met them after a show and hung out with them, talked with them on twitter. Though, ever since they were nominated for a Grammy, they've become so full of themselves. Specifically Johnny.


Saw them play in DC a month ago and they went on stage 30 mins late. Stumbled drunkenly through the first three songs. Played only 9 songs and then didn't come out for an encore. Sure, some bands don't do encores and that's cool. After paying $30, I expected at least 11/12 songs. They were a mess and booed loudly. I think the "fame" went to their head and I doubt I'll ever go see them live ever again. They are good, but not great. So I don't understand where this narcissistic attitude comes from. 


Sorry to the people that quite like them, I'm just "over" them after seeing them 4 times and watched as they got progressively worse with their attitude.

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Great album, saw it randomly on here and decided to check it out due to the great reception, was not disappointed.

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On 11/14/2016 at 11:09 PM, BRDSX said:

A bluesy version of Soundgarden and that is a great thing.

Indeed...definitely  a Chris Cornell kinda style

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@Jake Moresea Updated links


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