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Napalm Death - Discography (1981-2020)

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Genre -  Grindcore, Death Metal

Country - United Kingdom

Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR (unless otherwise stated)


Release List:


Scum (1994 Reissue) (1987)
Scum (2012 Remastered) (1987)
From Enslavement To Obliteration (1994 Reissue) (1988)
From Enslavement To Obliteration (2012 Remastered) (1988)
Harmony Corruption (Japanese Edition) (1990)
Utopia Banished (1996 Reissue) (1992)
Fear, Emptiness, Despair (Japanese Edition) (1994)
Diatribes (Japanese Edition) (1996)
Inside The Torn Apart (Digipak) (1997)
Words From The Exit Wound (1998)
Enemy Of The Music Business (2000)
Order Of The Leech (2003 Japanese Edition) (2002)
Leaders Not Followers Part 2 (2004)
The Code Is Red... Long Live The Code (Digipak) (2005)
Smear Campaign (Japanese Edition) (2006)
Time Waits For No Slave (Japanese Edition) (2009)
Utilitarian (Japanese Edition) (2012)
Apex Predator - Easy Meat (Japanese Edition) (2015)

Napalm Death & Electro Hippies (1989)
Napalm Death & S.O.B. (1989) [128]
Napalm Death & John Zorn (1990) [192]
Napalm Death & Coalesce - In Tongues We Speak (1997)
Napalm Death & The Haunted & Heaven Shall Burn - Tsunami Benefit (2005) [192]
Napalm Death & Converge (2012)
Napalm Death & Insect Warfare (2013)
Napalm Death & Voivod (2015)
Napalm Death & Heaven Shall Burn - The Mission Creep (2015)
Napalm Death & Melt-Banana (2016)


EPs / Singles / Demos
Hatred Surge (2002 Reissue) (1985)
From Enslavement To Obliteration (1986) [192]
The Curse (1988) [128]
Mentally Murdered (1989)
Suffer The Children (1990) [192]
Mass Appeal Madness (Japanese Edition) (1991)
Malignant Trait (1992) [192]
The World Keeps Turning (1992)
Nazi Punks Fuck Off (1993)
Hung (1994)
Greed Killing (1995)
Breed To Breathe (1997)
Leaders Not Followers (1999)
Logic Ravaged by Brute Force (2020)


Death By Manipulation (1995 Reissue) (1992)
The Peel Sessions (1993)
The Complete Radio One Sessions (2000)
Noise For Musics Sake (CD1) (2003)
Noise For Musics Sake (CD2) (2003)
Coded Smears And More Uncommon Slurs (2018)


Live Albums
Live Corruption (1992)
Bootlegged In Japan (1998)
Punishment In Capitals (2003)





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let me in.



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Other Releases by

You suffer, but why?

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The purest, non-conformist jaded subhuman terrorist.

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Thanks! The Code Is Red is my personal fave from these guys. 

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Utilitarian is my personal favorite.





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Damn I just updated all my Napalm files last year. This is a amazing effort tho and I need some of these splits and stuff. Thank you! Can’t wait for the new record

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I was just looking for my Napalm albums in better quality. Thank you for posting this KL!

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