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In Flames - Battles (Deluxe) (2016)

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Release - November 11, 2016
Genre - Metal
Quality - MP3, 320 Kbps

1. Drained
2. The End
3. Like Sand
4. The Truth
5. In My Room
6. Before I Fall
7. Through My Eyes
8. Battles
9. Here Until Forever
10. Underneath My Skin
11. Wallflower
12. Save Me
13. Greatest Greed (Bonus Track)
14. Us Against the World (Bonus Track)
15. Here Until Forever (Alternate Version) (Japanese Bonus Track)



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Cant download :(

Try a different browser

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Can we get the new animals as leaders please? It's released on the same day as this

13) DON'T ask for leaks. Things will leak when they leak!

How about you read the site rules and not antagonize staff for leaks. Do it again and you'll be banned. :banham: 

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Hey, that's pretty good.

I'd give it a 7.5/10 as far as In Flames albums go. Nothing about it I didn't like except for some arrangements feeling a bit out of place. Still a solid release overall.

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@@Geocentric-confusion No worries dude, just want everyone to follow the rules. We just get constantly bombarded with leak requests. For some reason people think we have all of these albums and choose when to leak them (not the case). We leak things as they become available. That means when we get a hold of something, we post it right away. Check this out if you haven't already, explains the leaking process.

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