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ZOMBIESHARK! - I Will Destroy You, Myself, and Everything I've Ever Loved. (2020)

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Release - July 10, 2020
Genre - Deathcore, Nintendocore, Cybergrind
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR / FLAC



01. Son of the Morning Star (1:22)
02. Computer Kidz Unite (2:18)
03. Keyboards for Insects (feat. Viscera) (1:38)
04. Synthetic City (1:29)
05. Red Pyramids Kill Each Other (2:22)
06. Whispers from Nextalist (1:09)
07. 100likes (feat. Blind Equation) (0:53)
08. Puzzle Room (1:25)
09. The Cost of Cloud Failure (2:10)
10. H3llw0rld_ (2:41)
11. Mirror Maze (1:54)
12. The Way the World Looked at Me (2:43)





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This is fucking WILD, I love it

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This is fun as fuck. It lacks structure a little bit; some moments felt a little to riff/element salady. Otherwise this is great

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This is hella underrated. I didn't expect much with a band name like ZOMBIESHARK! But it surprised the fuck outta me and I'm digging it so much. From someone who used to enjoy 'Nintendocore' back on MySpace days, this brings back memories

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