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Thomas Giles - Velcro Kid (2016)

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Release - November 4, 2016

Genre - Electronic, Industrial

Quality-  MP3, 320 kbps CBR



1. Immersion Highway

2. Eris

3. Devotion (feat. Jake Troth)

4. Future of the Year

5. Gazer (feat. Devin Townsend)

6. Strangers in a Paranoid Mind

7. Acid Test

8. Slow Gold Becoming

9. Velcro Kid

10. Immersion Highway (Instrumental)

11. Eris (Instrumental)

12. Devotion (Instrumental)

13. Future of the Year (Instrumental)

14. Gazer (Instrumental)

15. Strangers in a Paranoid Mind (Instrumental)

16. Acid Test (Instrumental)

17. Slow Gold Becoming (Instrumental)

18. Velcro Kid (Instrumental)






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This is really good. My favorite Tommy side project yet!

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This might me the only person in the world whose actual name is Tommy that goes with the name Thomas

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