ZILF - The Album (2020)

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Release - June 5, 2020
Genre - Mathcore, Djent, Hardcore Punk
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. Trust Me, I'm a Doctor! (5:17)
02. Resonance Cascade (3:13)
03. Endless (4:59)
04. When the Cat Has Your Tongue (3:40)
05. Kayak (2:57)
06. Zef (3:12)
07. RIP in Peace (2:02)
08. Sick (2:28)
09. Bowling Green Massacre (3:44)
10. Tarantula Hawk (4:12)
11. Sangfroid (4:35)
12. House of Sighs (5:40)





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Holy hell, this is perfect! A musical menage a trois between The Dillinger Escape Plan, Sikth, and The Red Chord, with the likes of Nuclear Rabbit whispering spastic sweet nothings in their ears.. WAIT, they have a song about the Half Life series? Kill me now because this is the pinnacle of all music and everything else that comes after can only disappoint.

Hyperbolic maybe, but this is REALLY interesting stuff..

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some weird shit, but i dig it

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