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STORMLIGHT - Natoma (2020)

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Release - May 31st, 2020

Genre - Screamo, Post-Metal, Emoviolence

Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR


** Featuring members of Loma Prieta and Lord Snow **



1. Farsick (02:24)

2. The Past is the Key to The Future (01:05)

3. Acute-Care (02:23)

4. Nighttime Absorption (02:04)

5. SystemΓÇÖs Fate (03:51)

6. Spite (01:50)

7. Computing Machinery and Intelligence (01:03)

8. Sleep Debt (03:05)

9. Wires (01:58)

10. Clock Drift (02:22)

11. Recover (03:50)





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Incredible album. This is the guitarist/vocalist of Loma Prieta and the drummer of Lord Snow, both top tier screamo bands in their own right.

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insane record. The Loma member involved in this project is also playing in 3 other bands currently !

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FLAC, please.

Great album!!

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