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Parabelle - The Kill Plan (2016)

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Release - October 25, 2016

Genre - Alternative Rock, Modern Rock

Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR / FLAC



1. Shattering
2. The Prisoner
3. Lost & Found
4. Open Road
5. Kiss the Flag: The Wounded
6. Body
7. The Kill Plan
8. My New Wires
9. Shallows
10. Just Wrong
11. Like a Bird
12. Remarkable Lies (Your Cover's Blown)
13. Gone









Facebook / iTunes / Physical


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FLAC added!

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own every album from the man, Mr. Matisyn, and this one plus the remastered/reworked "...A Summit Borderline...." on the way with hard copies......


Received the digital copy last night....great guy!!  Thanks for the leak, and such a talented band!

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