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@Ohm already has amo4. "its good stuff man, very intriguing stuff"

and so the question must be asked...amo5 when?!

Here's my ideal tracklist names for amo5, enjoy!


2. Don't touch meh

3. Parasite Eve

4. Panini

5. Mortal Kombat for beakfest

6. Rawwwrr! (pt.2)

7. The Bus

8. Doin Dad Things

9. Straight Firee (feat. Peppa Pig)

10. Zoom

11. JoRdAn iS tHE bANd NOw

12. Count Your Blessings (New)

13. Gucci Gang (cover)

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This topic has been moved to the Rejected forum. It will stay there unless we change our mind about an idea or a bug. You are permitted and encouraged to add to this topic even though it has been initially rejected.

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I could leak them, but I won't. I'll give you 1 track name.

X Æ A-12

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New Self Titled EP out now on all streaming platforms!

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