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Berried Alive - Fuego (2020)

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Release - May 15, 2020
Genre - Djent, Progressive Metalcore
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR / FLAC



01. Fuego (3:21)
02. The Pun-Isher (4:22)
03. Sorry Guys (5:29)
04. The Grape Depression (2:39)
05. Demonberry (1:01)
06. Planet of the Grapes (feat. Lucas Mann) (6:53)
07. Burstberry (2:59)
08. Prunatic (1:34)
09. Fruit Punch (3:20)
10. Legendberry (2:22)
11. Drive by Fruiting (5:01)





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"Prunatic" is fucking sick. Wish it were longer like some of the other tracks, it deserves to be.

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think i enjoy the instrumental version more

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Its good to have both versions, alot more bands need to do instrumental versions on top of the norms

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