Asking Alexandria - Like a House on Fire (2020)

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Nothing against a softer rock album but this wasn't even good. And I'm tired of these bullshit interviews with ben when he wanna explain the situation.


they said similar things back during from death to destiny and then they went back to metalcore with denis


so I wouldn't be surprised if they would go back to the roots when danny leaves again


and it's kinda obvious he is using this band to finance his solo stuff


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Album slaps.


My updated Asking Alexandria ranking:


Reckless and Relentless > Like A House On Fire > Self Titled > The Black > Stand Up and Scream > From Death to Destiny >>>>> The Irony of your Perfection

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I have a feeling this album is going to be just awful based on the music trend the band has been on. They are completely unrecognizable to when they first started and I'm fine with bands changing but I hate when bands sell out and that what I feel AA has done. Like Atreyu their latest album was just awful and if u listen to one of their first couple albums then listen to the latest album without knowing who the band was most people wouldn't be able to guess its the same band! 🤦‍♂️ 

OK I gave it a fair try to listen to it multiple times I tried really hard not to be biased but they are just awful they sound nothing like they used to I understand bands change but they really does need to change your name because they are not asking Alexandria anymore I don't know maybe they can change your name to ship house or God-awful music

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