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Woe Is Patrick

Into Oblivion - Alone (2016)

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Release: October 20, 2016

Genre: Progressive Deathcore

Bit Rate: MP3 | 320kbps CBR



1. Cagefight (03:53)

2. Alone (04:02)

3. Forging (02:35)

4. Behind Closed Doors (05:01)

5. The Impostor (03:34)

6. Ov Crimson Appeal (03:50)

7. Dirty Waters (04:24)

8. Ephemerality Part II (03:03)









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Wow, this is pretty good (even though they are from Munich :P )




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I heard these guys on Youtube a couple months ago, this is a great release :)


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Thanks for this! Loved the single they put out a while back. Was looking forward to the EP.

PSP JEsus.gif

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There is multiple bands with this same name or this band is just not so popular that there is no wikipedia about them like most bands. Are they new because there is this name of band from the early 90s and another early 2000s and another later 2000s. So I am confused of which band it is or the same. It list different albums on for this same band.

I was going to say something but I always get ridiculed for what I said. So I will keep ............................. blah, blah, blah, to myself.  Most of the time!


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Best place to find out this information would be going to their Facebook. The band founded in 2010 and they've had three different releases. If any of those releases match with the releases you knew the other Into Oblivion for they're likely one in the same. But with them being a German band it could be possible that you knew another band in the United States by the same name.

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