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Amaranthe - Maximalism (2016)

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So if Attila suddenly said that they're Shoegaze, would you change them to Shoegaze?

What a band says they are isn't automatically fact. Their music speaks more than their words.

Actually what a band says they are is indeed fact because I would think a band knows a lot more about their own sonic identity than some overly opinionated kid on the internet. Bye Felicia. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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you have to be fucking trolling him, you can't be serious.



You didn't answer my question.

So if Attila, a metalcore band, said that their metalcore music is shoegaze, a completely unrelated genre, you'd throw all conceptions of what sound is out the window simply because of what a band says?

That's honestly a little stupid.

Didn't know you two were members of this band. Didn't see you in the press photos. B)


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