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Fuck Beast - Fuck Beast (2020)

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Release - April 2, 2020
Genre - Deathcore
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. The Beast Which Fucks (4:29)
02. Fucked in Half (4:06)
03. An Overlavish Banquet (3:08)
04. A Commensal Breeding Pool (4:24)
05. Ecce Prophetam De Raptu (3:21)
06. Plagues of Yore (3:32)
07. My Everlasting Papacy (3:48)
08. An Enzymatic Breakdown (4:26)
09. It's Roots Are Destruction (3:52)
10. A Modified Baptismal Sacrament (3:47)
11. The Most Beautiful Angel in Heaven (4:04)
12. A Shrine Once Rinsed (3:41)





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Dunno why, but the cover art gives me some weird Beetlejuice vibes 

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