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My Recommendations of the Week #1

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I have decided to start a thread up highlighting my reccomendations, mainly cause I tend to upload a bunch of stuff and some people will not know what to listen to from said uploads. I will include known artist and lesser known artist across most genres.


The Strokes - The New Abnormal: After a career spanning over two decades with their best presumingly behind them the new wave legends The Strokes have released a banger of a record, in my eyes its a lot better than their previous two records for sure and it's a great starting point for a new Strokes fan or even a returning one. It is has a great vibe throughout and I reccomend checking the single At the Door to get a feel of the record.


DRAIN - California Cursed: I only got into this band like two weeks prior to this release and I was blown away with it. This is a great record if you are in the mood for something fast and heavy, being crossover thrash and hardcore you would assume they would be but this record goes beyond that its a catchy and addictive hardcore album I will be coming back to over and over again (I rarely find Hardcore records like this these days) also I feel this would of been overlooked with Rotting Out's record coming out the same day. Anyways fans of hardcore should be listening to this record for sure probably my Hardcore AOTY so far and a song from the record to get a feel of it is the title track California Cursed.


Benighted - Obscene Repressed: Man you wouldn't think this band would of been going for twenty two years, they are releasing records that a younger start up Death Metal band would kill to have in their discography. That being said the 9th album doesn't shy away from the greatness Benighted produces containing some of the catchiest death metal around with an unrelenting speed and some wonderfully brutal pig squeals this is something that not just death metal fans should be checking out but fans of anything heavy in general should be checking out. It is just another stellar release to add to a quite frankiy flawless discography in my opinion, if you liked this record I would say to go back and check their previous records too, Insane Cephalic Production is one of my favourite Death Metal albums of the 2000's. The songs I would say to listen to for a feel are the Slipknot cover Get This, Scarecrow and Implore the Negative which is borderline deathcore with the Jamey Jasta feature.


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - Viscerals: This band is local to me but I only discovered them the past year from Facebook recs and if you ignore the obnoxiously long name you are in for quite the treat.(Like that mattered) They are a mixture of Motorhead and Sabbath but they include a bunch more trippy and psych, expect a bunch of great guitar work and a singer that sounds like a channeled Lemmy at some points if you want a great drug filled adventure on the ears look no further. I would say to listen to Reducer and New Body 


Calligram - The Eye is the First Circle: A contender for Black Metal AOTY a very emotional black metal album that comes at you at break neck speeds, this has a mixture of Black Metal, Crust Punk, Sludge, Post-Black, Doom and even hardcore at some points which a finely tuned to together to make a banger of a record. I honestly would say to listen to this record if you aren't even strictly a Black Metal fan but a fan of any of them genres mentioned above, it can be both a meancing a lingering darkness and a heart pounding intense rollercoaster ride. Tracks I would say to check out are Kenosis and Young and in the Way


Black Atlass - Dream Awake: I don't really have much to say about this record so I left it for last but if you like the vibes off the recent Weeknd album I reccommend checking this out, it takes the best parts of that album in my opinion and mutliples them by like a ten, it is very reminiscent of Weeknd's earlier work. Track's to check out are Kiss Land and Beauty Behind the Madness.


(This is off the top of my head and a first draft so I'm sorry if theres any spelling mistakes/grammatical errors)

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