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Forever War

The Mirror - Sinful & Original

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A very unexpected release.


Heaven's Die's Facebook had been extremely active, posting many images similar to their art/aesthetic, suggesting new music to be released by the band on April 1st. When the day hit, we received this release from an entirely new band, called The Mirror, to many people's surprise.

From what most understand, this contains many members of Heaven's Die, with a more Metal approach to their music, reminiscent of early Twitching Tongues or Leeway's later years. 


Throughout this 3 track, you'll hear skull-crushing Metallic Hardcore beatdowns along with amazing Doom Metal influenced harmonies, led by the lead singers extremely Eddie Sutton-esque vocal delivery. With that being said, it's in no way a bad thing.

The Mirror have managed to drop 3 amazing tracks during one of the most turbulent times in human history. Catharsis to the highest degree.


If you're a fan of Merauder, Twitching Tongues, Leeway or Higher Power, this is a release you would be stupid to miss. Expecting a bright future for this band if the pummelling sounds found on this release continue.


The full 3-track release is available as PAY WHAT YOU WISH via their BandCamp, consider supporting bands during this rough time:



- King Vanity

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