The Suicide Machines - Revolution Spring (2020)

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Release - March 27, 2020
Genre - Punk, Ska Punk, Punk Rock
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



1. Bully in Blue
2. Awkward Always
3. Babylon of Ours
4. Flint Hostage Crisis
5. To Play Caesar (Is to Be Stabbed to Death)
6. Trapped in a Bomb
7. Detroit is the New Miami
8. Eternal Contrarian
9. Well Whiskey Wishes
10. Black Tar Halo
11. Empty Time
12. Impossible Possibilities
13. Potter's Song
14. Simple
15. Anarchist Wedding
16. Cheers to Ya





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Oh man thanks for this! I absolutely love The Suicide Machines. I didn't know that they were coming out with a new album.  I've seen these guys a couple times. Once with No Doubt Original Sublime with Bradley, and Goldfinger. 

The second time was with The Vandals, Rancid, Nofx and Goldfinger. 

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Good well-produced straightforward skate punk with some occasional ska rhythms.

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@RockinXander pretty jelly on that one. Wish so bad i could have seen sublime. I was like 9 when he died. my cousin seen them at the first warped tour always wished I could have seen them. But I seen suicide machines on a halloween years ago at the the flint local in flint mi

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