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Silverstein - A Beautiful Place to Drown (2020)

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Cycled through then deleted, i'd catch myself skipping these everytime they came across my playlist so saved myself the trouble :), still dig older albums though.

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Ehhh even with no expectations I walked away just uninterested.  There's some really interesting bits and pieces here and there, but it's all overshadowed by such a generic sound. 


And maybe I'm a minority, but I can't stand the nasally high pitch singing Shane does now. He usually hits his higher notes in that style, but it's 'on' all the time for this LP and was the reason I didn't like the 2nd half of Dead Reflection.


Which is weird, since I enjoy that style of singing, PtV being a favorite of mine...but going from the "Bad Habits" mv to "My Heroine" creates so much whiplash.

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This album is amazing. Great screams, singing and catchy af. I love 8 of the 12 tracks! 

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