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DREAMCATCHER - [Dystopia : The Tree of Language] (2020)

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Release - February 18, 2020
Genre - K-Pop, Alternative Pop, Rock
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. Intro (1:19)
02. Scream (3:24)
03. Tension (3:11)
04. Red Sun (3:05)
05. Black or White (3:24)
06. Jazz Bar (3:34)
07. Sahara (3:10)
08. In the Frozen (3:16)
09. Daybreak (3:03)
10. Full Moon (3:09)
11. Outro (1:03)
12. Scream (Instrumental) (3:24)
13. Paradise (4:03)





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Easily my favorite Kpop album ever. So many good tracks and blends of genres in the album. I LOVE Scream, In the Frozen, Paradise, Jazz Bar, Red Sun, and Sahara. Sad that they get overlooked so often. Scream is probably my favorite title track they’ve released and favorite of the year so far.

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New Self Titled EP out now on all streaming platforms!

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This is definitely their best album. Everything about this album is flawless. Not a single weak moment. 

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