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Stitched Up Heart - Straitjacket [Single] (2020)

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Release - February 14, 2020
Genre - Alternative Rock, Hard Rock
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. Straitjacket (3:47)





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I feel like they've probably released 3/4 of this album over the past year given this is like the 7th pre-release single. Interesting marketing strategy to say the least!


Mostly good tracks at least!

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LOL I was thinking the same thing.  I really liked that song Lost with the dude from Godsmack.  Looking forward to album, I think next month.

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@krvst8 Yeah I looked it up. There's 11 tracks on the album and we've seen 7 released so far.


There's still a month left until release on March 13th, so I'm fully expecting 1 or 2 of the remaining songs to drop as well (Dirty Secrets, Bones, Crooked Halo, My Demon)

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@AwkwardSilencecool, I'll be looking for it.  Agree, definitely a weird strategy with single releases throughout 2019/2020. 

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How many songs on this album total?

PSP JEsus.gif

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