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Stone Temple Pilots - Perdida (2020)

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Release - February 7, 2020
Genre - Rock
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. Fare Thee Well (4:22)
02. Three Wishes (4:52)
03. Perdida (3:29)
04. I Didn't Know the Time (5:32)
05. Years (3:30)
06. She's My Queen (4:42)
07. Miles Away (4:56)
08. You Found Yourself While Losing Your Heart (5:43)
09. I Once Sat at Your Table (1:56)
10. Sunburst (6:29)





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This is a REALLY DAMN GOOD acoustic album!!! 

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Sorry I've said this in the singles thread...StP was my first favorite band as a kid. Core was incredible and I LOVED everything up till NO 4. After that I really dont know what happened. Even the last record with scott was just shit. Musically they just lost that spark. Its not because its not heavy like old either they just dont have the hooks they used to and the music is so boring. Seeing this acoustic i feel many emotions. One being I wish they released this in 2000 when they were firing on all cylinders. I can only imagine what an acoustic ep would of been like than. Number 2 this new singer I cant believe how much he imitates scott. Its actually distracting to me and instantly hurts the music. Does he sound like him? YES A LOT! Problem is there was soooo much more to scott than just his voice. His way with melodys was incredible and sorely missed. I still think they should of found someone totally different like they did with chester. The stuff with chester was almost close to good and it was easier to like cause i saw it as a new thing and wasn't constantly comparing. Look at AIC, they pulled it off and wrote the best stuff of there career because they went with someone totally different. Plus jerry was always the main writer and sang a lot so its not so as much as it sucked losing layne, it didn't really affect their sound. Anyway, I still always hold out hope maybe the next stp album will be rocking and fun again.

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