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Casting Voice Actors for a Musical

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Hey everyone! I've been on here for a while. You've probably at some point seen one of my Black Malachite albums / EPs / singles on the main page (there's been a ton of them), and now I'm embarking on an absolutely massive new Black Malachite project.


I've recently finished scripting and started recording for a MASSIVE musical album (currently scripted and composed to be around three hours in length), with full blown dialogue, orchestral compositions, etc. The story revolves around two different time periods, one Cyberpunk, one Elven / Medieval, and time travel, and a whole bunch more. It's an epic filled with romance, comedy, awesome battle scenes, and a massive musical score blending orchestral, synthwave, classical, and more. 


I'm looking for additional voice actors who are interested in being part of this awesome project. The cast I'll be rounding out around 10-15 people, and we currently have four already working on lines, and another two confirmed. 


If you're interested in being a VA for this project, either post in the thread, or message me on KL! Our VA discussion chat is on Facebook, but if you don't have one, we can make it work via Discord or something similar.

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