Pixies - Head Carrier (2016)

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Release - September 30, 2016

Genre - Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Punk

Quality-  MP3, 320 kbps CBR



1. Head Carrier
2. Classic Masher
3. Baal's Back
4. Might As Well Be Gone
5. Oona
6. Talent
7. Tenement Song
8. Bel Esprit
9. All I Think About Now
10. Um Chagga Lagga
11. Plaster Of Paris
12. All The Saints






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320 added!


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I love the Pixies but after their last two albums I kinda wish they had stayed broken up. :/

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320 added! :)

wasn't it already a 320 that was on there? or was it not a legit 320?

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wasn't it already a 320 that was on there? or was it not a legit 320?

It was either 128 or 256, not sure. But this 320 is legit.

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thanks! i gotta say, after one listen, this is not quite as good as their last album "Indie Cindy", but it is still a great album nonetheless. I am old enough to remember when these guys were popular in the late 80's and early 90's. this was back when this style of music (and bands like The Cure, Morrissey, Depeche Mode) were all considered 'mod music'. there was no alternative yet, or no indie. it was just called Mod lol. so for me, the fact that these guys,who were so insanely influential in starting the whole "indie" thing, got back together after decades of being such a treat. and considering their age, and the fact that they can put out good material still, is awesome. i need to give this another few listens...but i am very impressed so far and very happy that they are back together and releasing music. these guys are absolute legends and pioneer's in the Indie genre. 

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