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Wire - Mind Hive (2020)

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Release - January 24, 2020
Genre - Post-Punk, Alternative Rock
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. Be Like Them (3:52)
02. Cactused (3:35)
03. Primed And Ready (2:44)
04. Off The Beach (2:22)
05. Unrepentant (5:02)
06. Shadows (2:45)
07. Oklahoma (3:08)
08. Hung (7:54)
09. Humming (3:29)





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Other Releases by

Saw them on their "A Bell is A Cup Until it is Struck" tour, so very very good

Always surprised that they are still together


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Thank you!


The band's longevity and continued and consistent quality of music puts today's bands to shame!

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I came here to complain about young people not knowing their history, but am pleasantly surprised to see this is THE actual PinkFlag Wire.  Who knew they were writing new material.  They must be 60-70 years old by now.

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