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Cosmic Reaper

Despondent - The Cosmic Horror (2020)

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Release - January 24, 2020
Genre - Brutal Death Metal, Technical Deathcore
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. Descent Into Bedlam (feat. Anthony Wintrich) (4:14)
02. Great Race of Yith (feat. Kristian Duran) (6:10)
03. Dimensional Shambler (feat. Anthony Wintrich & James Shuster) (5:27)
04. Paradise Lost (feat. Kristian Duran & Nick Young) (4:16)
05. Ex Oblivione (feat. Calvin Banning & Connor Welsh) (4:43)
06. Grotesque Mockery of Reality (feat. JJ Polachek, Anthony Wintrich, Richie Dolbow, Trint Taylor & Nick Burke) (4:44)
07. Shoggoth (feat. Kyle Medina, Michael Allen Jacques & Vincent Lugo) (4:21)
08. Bluffs of Suicide (feat. Micah Wagner & Jamie Hanks) (5:40)
09. The Black Goat in the Woods (feat. Kristian Duran) (3:47)
10. All That Ever Was and All That Ever Will Be (feat. Kristian Duran & Jerret Aubert) (7:32)
11. Tekeli-Li (1:53)
12. A Light Shining in Darkness (feat. Jake Maki & Devin MacGillivray) (5:33)
13. Stargazer (3:20)





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My buddy  Micah is featured on a track 😎

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it's weird seeing my name on a track on this site lol especially since i recorded my spot in that when i was 17 lol

i'm on track 7 with Kyle Medina and Michael Allen Jaques 

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I have a serious question: is this band this bad on purpose? I saw a few people on my facebook hyping the shit out of this release but now that it leaked they got quiet. I thought about giving them a chance since I might be sleeping on them but boy, this band is bad.

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