Sightless Pit - Grave of a Dog (2020)

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Release - February 21st, 2020
Genre - Death Industrial, Industrial Techno, Dark Ambient
Quality - M4A, 256 AAC (iTunes) / MP3, 320 kbps CBR

(Lee Buford of The Body, Kristin Hayter of Lingua Ignota and Dylan Walker of Full of Hell)



01. Kingscorpse (4:19)
02. Immersion Dispersal (4:02)
03. The Ocean of Mercy (4:30)
04. Violent Rain (6:06)
05. Drunk On Marrow (4:27)
06. Miles of Chain (3:10)
07. Whom the Devil Long Sought To Strangle (3:05)
08. Love Is Dead, All Love Is Dead (8:57)





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I'm so excited!!

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I heard this when it leaked on Soulseek a while ago; sorry to say that I was really disappointed. I understand that this project is new and everything, but I guess the hype killed it for me.


This album feels more like an experiment than an actual complete experience, and it ends right when things start to pick up and progress. 


It's still a good album, don't get me wrong; the super noisy and intense moments on here are great and highly entertaining, but the rest kind of just feels like it doesn't know where to go. 


Very unfortunate. 

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I'm starting to really enjoy these cross-genred bands, loads of Industrial going on here of course. They are really pushing some boundaries and the imagination and creativity is unbelievable, so much talent here. Excited to check this album out, really digged the single.


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320 added!

#2 of 2019 • FOALS // EVERYTHING NOT SAVED WILL BE LOST, PART 1 • Indie Rock, Math Rock

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