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Carcariass - Planet Chaos (2019)

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Release - December 6, 2019
Genre - Progressive Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. Solar Invasion (6:38)
02. Ultimate Escape (5:38)
03. Apophis Impact (3:03)
04. Star Implosion (4:50)
05. High Speed Fury (4:12)
06. Genetic Conformity (6:14)
07. Saturn Vision (5:48)
08. Battleground (5:14)
09. Dark Empire (5:02)
10. Letter from the Trenches (5:02)
11. Dawn of the Dead (3:48)
12. Psychotic Starship (4:24)
13. Planet Chaos (8:37)





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I was happy to see this posted, as it has been years since I last heard anything from Carcariass. Such an awesome, rather unknown band. They play very complex, melodic, rifftastic Progressive/Technical Death Metal like that of Symbolic/The Sound Of Perseverance-era Death. Highly recommended if you're in them, or other similar Death Metal bands like Obscura, Psycroptic and Quo Vadis.


Looking forward to giving this a listen, thanks for posting it!

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