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Zephyr Sunrise

Kill The Lycan - Rhea (2019)

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Release - December 7, 2019

Genre - Progressive Metalcore

Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. Eos (1:31)

02. Chaos (4:04)

03. Theia (4:25)

04. Gaia (4:35)

05. Hades (4:16)

06. Cronus (4:27)

07. Persephone (2:31)

08. Oceanos (4:30)

09. Thanatos (4:22)

10. Morpheus (3:49)

11. Hyperion (4:23)







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totally forgot they were a band still. 

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Formerly known as


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Such an underrated band. Everyone who's into metalcore needs to get this album. It hits HARD!

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Not bad, that Greta insertion was really cringey though. 


I'm kind of over all the Sagan quotes being thrown into songs, but to pick something so "topical", ugh. 

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