Halsey - Finally//beautiful stranger / SUGA's Interlude (Single) (2019)

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Release - December 6, 2019
Genre - Pop, Alternative
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



10. Finally // beautiful stranger (03:41)
13. SUGA's Interlude (02:18)





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i am not sure why (well other than she makes amazing music) that I just freaking love Halsey.  Like I really do not enjoy most pop radio type music, but literally everything she does I thoroughly enjoy. Everything that has come off of this record  is freaking amazing, just like all of her older works.  I am really interested to hear her collaboration with BMTH.  I know it will not be on this record, but I am still extremely stoked to hear it when it does get released.  

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@hamboy23 funny to see your comment right now because I seriously came to say the same thing basically word for word. I have never listened to/liked 95% of pop music, or whatever is top 40 at any given time but Halsey is such a talent. Everything she has released so far has been amazing and I am honestly looking forward to hearing the rest of "Manic"

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I hated the lead single. 

I LOVE Finally//Beautiful Stranger omg


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