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Camilla Cabello - Romance Track by Track Review

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01. Shameless
I was enjoying this track until the "No, uh, uh, don't wanna do this now" part came and almost ruins the song in my opinion. The track is overall ok, pretty catchy and made me wanna listen again after hearing it regardless of the bad chorus.


02. Living Proof
This track is slightly better than Shameless, her voice is strained sounding which may have some appeal to some people. Overall its ok like Shameless its a bit repetitive.


03. Should've Said It
This song is a lot better than the last 2, but its just an ok song not much too say about it on first listen other than its just kinda there.


04. Senorita (Feat. Shawn Mendes)
Probably the most popular track off the album so far and is on the deluxe of Shawn Mendes' self tilted album released earlier this year. Overall its a decent track

and its pretty catchy.


04. Liar
This is probably the best song so far in my opinion. "Oh no there you go making me a liar" is stuck in my head after this song. Overall I really enjoy this song and its a good bop.


05. Bad Kind Of Butterflies

This track is alright, its a great song to bop to if your in the right mood.


06. Easy
This song right off the bat I enjoyed. Its definitely a stand out track on this album and a track I'll come back to even though its dragged out a bit long.


07. Feel It Twice
This song is pretty chill and has a good beat to it, its personally pulls some emotions out of me and does it well.


09. Dream of You
This track starts off ok then it suddenly the chorus is great and progressively gets better as you get in the mood of the track, though it could be shorter.


10. Cry For Me
This is a pretty good song, probably my favorite one of the whole album


11. This Love
Another pretty nice and chill track. The lyrics are pretty catchy definitely another stand out track.


12. Used To This 
This song just isn't good nor bad, but definitely could grow onto me in a future listen.


13. First Man 
This track is pretty emotional, definitely yet another stick out. If your in the mood for a sad song, listen to this. Definitely a great closer to this album



 I enjoyed this and definitely will one day revisit it, some of the tracks dragged out though but regardless it was enjoyable and it may not be for everyone but if you enjoy pop you should definitely check this out. Camila definitely has even greater things ahead of her in her career.

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