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Silverstein - When Broken 15 Easily Fixed (Live) (2019)

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Release - November 19, 2019
Genre - Post Hardcore, Emo, Live
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. Smashed into Pieces (Live in Anaheim, Ca) (4:34)
02. Red Light Pledge (Live in Atlanta, Ga) (3:51)
03. Giving up (Live in Los Angeles, Ca) (4:47)
04. November (Live in London, On) (4:24)
05. Last Days of Summer (Live in Atlanta, Ga) (4:25)
06. Bleeds No More (Live in Orlando, Fl) (3:55)
07. Hear Me out (Live in Dallas, Tx) (3:51)
08. The Weak and the Wounded (Live in Phoenix, Az) (3:54)
09. Wish I Could Forget You (Live in Montreal, Qc) (3:37)
10. When Broken Is Easily Fixed (Live in New Orleans, La) (4:50)





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18 hours ago, Willswansnipple said:

I love this band but I've never understood the appeal of live albums

Are you talking about live albums in general or just a Silverstein live album?

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@Willswansnipple Oh boy, you've never experienced the power of a live recording then. Some bands' best albums are live releases. A band isn't worth much to me if they can't perform well live.

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Silverstein is great, dunno if I'll grab this one though.  Any significance to the 15 in the name?  Was it recorded in 2015, 15th anniversary of some sort maybe?  Or are they just being clever?

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