Tsunami Bomb - The Spine That Binds (2019)

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Release - November 8, 2019
Genre - Punk Rock, Melodic Hardcore
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



1. Tidal
2. Naysayers
3. The Hathors
4. Sinkhole
5. Petaluma
6. Dead Men Can't Catcall
7. Phosphene
8. Last Call
9. Lullaby for the End of the World
10. Wake the Dead
11. The Spine That Binds





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Oh wow! I'm glad these guys are back! Will definitely be checking this out. 

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This is NOT Tsunami Bomb. A few old members with different vocalists and a far less impactful sound - trying to capitalize on the past fame of the name. They should have come up with a new name - and billed it (with members of Tsunami Bomb). Emily Whitehurst the main vocalist, and Matt McKenzie the bassist and backup vocalist during Tsunami Bomb's height - left the band to form The Action Design and now Emily (who constantly has to distance herself from disappointed fans of this project) is doing an awesome solo project called Survival Guide. Support that project here . No, I'm not affiliated with anyone involved with the band. I just grew up with Tsunami Bomb and was as disappointed and annoyed as anyone who was a previous fan of the band, by this album and the new incarnation of the band. 

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