Ocean Sleeper - Don't Leave Me This Way (2019)

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Release - November 8, 2019
Genre - Post-Hardcore
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. Sleep Life Away (3:21)
02. Killing Me (3:50)
03. Light In My Dark (3:16)
04. Hate Me Like You Mean It (2:55)
05. You'll Never Know (3:12)
06. Awful Thoughts (4:11)
07. Out Of Sight • Out Of Mind (2:34)
08. Save Me (3:05)
09. Running Through My Head (4:15)
10. Better Days (3:08)





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Vocals are a little bit off key here and there, but for a debut "album" this is pretty good. Gonna check out the EP too. Singles got a breakdownish part halfway through and it's decent. If these guys want to do more heavy Post-Hardcore music they will need to step up their game a bit. If they are going for the normal Post-Hardcore then they hit the nail on it's head. Either way I enjoy this and can jam to it. Nice find @mR12

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Yo this is so good. Has that 2011-2012 post-hardcore sound that I've missed so much.

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21 minutes ago, From Autumn To Ashes said:

I have to check them out.

"Killing Me" sounds dope.



is this their debut release ?

did they release ep's before ?

They have 1 ep that came out before this. It's on the site too.

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Great album :like:

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